Hi! We're thrilled to invite you to the

Musician-Author Roadmap

If you're a musician or music educator who:

  • Has a brilliant idea for a book — you know, the one you haven't seen *anywhere*
  • Desires more career credibility (e.g., conference presentations, attracting more students, becoming a thought leader in your niche)
  • Loves using your knowledge and experience to help others

... and wants to unlock the mystery behind

  • Taking your book idea from the concept to creation (with step-by-step instructions specifically for musicians)
  • Connecting with and positively impacting your dream audience
  • Pushing past the mental blocks (e.g.,"But I'm not a writer!" and "I've got nothing to contribute to the conversation")

Then this workshop is for you!

Low Down Publishing will walk you through the exact steps needed to transform your brilliant idea into a published reality.

January 8th, 90 minutes via Zoom

9am Pacific | 12pm Eastern | 6pm Central Europe

In this free workshop, you'll learn...

  • A step-by-step workflow for taking your book from "dream" to "done" — specifically for musicians and music educators. (We'll also teach you the common traps that musicians run into while self-publishing.)
  • How a publication can be used to leverage advantageous career opportunities (building a robust private studio, gaining speaking engagements, collaborations, etc).
  • To block the self-doubt and unlock your inner author now. (Everyone who publishes is concerned their viewpoints might change — that's why second editions exist!)
  • Advertising strategies that guarantee sales to your ideal audience (not just mom and your friends 😊)

There's also a Q&A at the end, so you'll have a chance to ask your questions to the entire Low Down Publishing team.

In 90 minutes, you'll walk away with a roadmap to make your dream book a finished product. Plus, you'll be in a group of like-minded peers in a 100% positive environment.

Sounds great, right? Don't miss out!

Hey! We're the Low Down Publishing team (led by Danny Ziemann).

When Danny first started publishing in 2014, there were very few resources available for musicians looking to self-publish.

Some would stick it through, but most would inevitably run into blocks that prevented them from finishing their dream project.

Thus, Low Down Publishing was born — a publishing resource created for musicians, by musicians.

Together with Erik Piazza, John Mills, and Michael Sherman, we've been self-publishing books for the last seven years and coaching authors through the publishing process.

And we're excited to share more about what your publication coudl lo

In our workshop, we'll guide you through the steps so you can be publishing as quickly as possible — no catch.

You've got nothing to lose... except for 90 minutes of your time :)

Let's dive in together!

January 8th, 90 minutes via Zoom

9am Pacific | 12pm Eastern | 6pm Central Europe