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Where high-level musicians and music educators discover how to turn their brilliant ideas into powerful publications

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February 26 & 27 daily via Zoom

11am-5pm EST |8am-2pm PST | 5pm-11pm CEST

“I've got a brilliant idea for a book... one that I haven't seen anywhere... but I just don't know how to get it off the ground."

If that feels familiar ⤴

Then this is for you! ⤵

  • Whether you're a new or seasoned educator, looking to create an awesome targeted resource for your classroom...
  • Or a private lesson teacher, trying to tap into a wider audience and attract the right students
  • Or maybe you're in the academic field, seeking more career credibility and collaboration opportunities
  • (And maybe you're just the self-motivated type who is brimming with great ideas. Kudos!)

No matter where you are on your journey, the fact that you’re here tells me you’re already taking big steps towards sharing your ideas with the world — and it's NEVER too late make them a reality!

Even with millions of books to choose from... finding the right book to use can be a tall order.

Perhaps you rely on the same method books year-after-year, even though you're not fully satisfied with them.

Instead of picking up the book with inspiration, there's always a caveat:

"This is the most thorough book, but WOW is it dry!"

You're the flexible type who can get by with it, but that doesn't stop you from providing supplements, writing in new fingerings, or even using the book in a different order.

Or maybe, the book just doesn't exist.

Instead, you've got a mountain of notes and Sibelius handouts because you've needed to create the resources from scratch.

You'd like to organize them all into one central book — someday — but who has the time for that?

(Or perhaps you're not there yet... but you're sure ready to write!)

Either way, you have a vision.

On multiple occasions, you have definitely thought, "I've got an idea that can definitely help people!"

And if only people would see your ideas, they'd love them.

...so what's holding you back from publishing?

Maybe it's a lack of time and energy.

Teaching and performing is already taxing enough. Create additional stress by trying to publish a great book?

Who has time for that?

And then there's the actual process:

Brainstorming, drafting, multiple rounds of editing, layout design, artwork, notation engraving, proofs, copyright registrations, distribution, advertising, getting reviews, press releases, sending out promo copies...

Where do you even begin with so many steps? And what if you skip a step and make a mistake? How do you know you're going through the process the most efficient way?

And when it's done, how do people find out about it? It's not just as simple as putting a post on Social Media — you need a comprehensive strategy.

(In other words, if you've finished your book and then started thinking about marketing, you are already way behind the ball.)

While the thought of seeing your name on a book is awesome, it's easy to get discouraged and end up back at square one...

Using books you don't fully love, or lugging around your mountain of handouts.

But what if you could find a way to actually make your book idea a reality... not just something that lives in your head?

A book that could lead to:

... you gaining ideal private students

... collaboration opportunities

... increased credibility in your area of expertise

What if you could finally create the book that you know will help serve your musical community... with a clear path from the initial concept to creation?

Would you give yourself that chance?




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February 26-27 daily

11am-5pm Eastern US Time

8am-3pm PST | 5pm-11pm CEST

Hi! We're the team at Low Down Publishing.

While we formally established our business in 2019, CEO Danny Ziemann first started publishing in 2014 with his book The Low Down (originally published by the Institute for Creative Music).

After years of navigating the self-publishing space, Danny realized how few resources were available for musicians looking to put their ideas into print.

Thus, Low Down Publishing was born — a publishing resource created for musicians, by musicians.

And we're excited to share more about what your publication could do for your and your career.

Why should you trust us to help you?

We've been self-publishing for the last seven years and coaching authors through the publishing process. And truthfully, there aren't as many musicians who actively teach, perform, and publish. Here's a shortlist of our qualifications...

  • We are active educators and performers, teaching in K-12, university, and private settings. Our performing experience ranges from community bands to major international jazz festivals.
  • All four members hold Master's degrees from the Eastman School of Music, with an extensive focus on Music Education and Music Performance. Erik is currently finishing his PhD in Music Education. (Short version: we've got writing, editing, and playing chops!)
  • In addition to the eleven print publications we've overseen, members of our team have published in major research journals and assisted numerous authors in their publishing projects.
  • Danny's bass method books have sold thousands of copies and are in use in schools and universities throughout the world.

Most important, we know what authors need to create successful books...

And we've done it A LOT of times.

In our Publishing Intensive, we'll guide you through the steps so you can be on the way to sharing your ideas with the world.

Let's talk about the details of the

Publishing Intensive

February 26-27

No matter where you are in the publishing journey, you'll walk away with a plan for that suits you perfectly:

>> 2 full days of expert-guided training sessions specifically for musicians

>> Special guest workshops with esteemed authors, and publishing industry experts including Sarah Gulish, Elizabeth Bucura, Jennifer Rosenfeld, and more.

>> Q&A and feedback sessions with the entire LDP team

>> Loads of collaboration with like-minded peers

>> A private Facebook group where you can gain additional support

>> Video playback for up to one month

Here are just some of the topics being covered:

  • Creating a personalized roadmap and schedule of your publishing process from start to finish
  • Writing in a way that connects with your ideal audience
  • Aligning your publication with career aspirations (collaborations, gaining private students, becoming a thought leader)
  • Hiring the right freelancers to handle artwork, design, engraving, and editing (and why you shouldn't self-edit)
  • Marketing strategies for 2022, including an in-depth look at our 2021 royalties and marketing plan

>>Event Admission: $197<<


So in case you're thinking

“Sounds awesome — but is this really for me?” 

Let me help you decide →

If you relate to any of these, then this intensive is not for you:

You think books are outdated tools (even though book sales continue to be at an all-time high, especially in academic settings)

You're satisfied with the status-quo and have nothing to contribute to the conversation

→ You've already a NY Times best-selling author

On the other hand if you’re ready to …

→ provide engaging resources for your musical community

→ diversify your career and create additional income streams

→ step into your role as a thought leader

… then
Publishing Intensive is the PERFECT experience to get you there.


1. How does the event work?

The LDP Musician-Author Writer's Intensive takes place live via Zoom.

But this won't be your typical Zoom meeting. In this highly interactive event, you'll receive personalized attention throughout, and plenty of time to interact with your colleagues.

You will also have plenty of breaks, ample time to stretch and grab food, and opportunities to avoid become a Zoom-Zombie. (A zoombie, if you will...)

2. I don't have a fully-formed book idea yet. Is this right for me?

Yes, absolutely! No matter where you are on the journey, these strategies will help you to gain clarity on your ideas and take them across the finish line.

3. What is the cost?

All of this is available to you for $197.

4. I'm not very tech-savvy. Is that okay?

Absolutely! As long as you can use Zoom and are familiar with Google Drive, that's all you need in order to participate. You don't need a fancy camera, microphone, or anything — just the basics will be just fine.

5. Are there recordings if I can't make everything?

Yup! You'll receive all the recordings, though you'll want to make it live just so you can get the full experience. You'll have access to the recordings for one month.

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