Hi! I'm Danny Ziemann, and I'm thrilled to invite you to my free workshop, the:

First Call Bassist Roadmap

If you're a jazz bassist who loves:

  • Collaborating with great musicians
  • The supportive role of the bass
  • Enabling other musicians to sound their best
  • Challenging yourself to learn and grow

... then this workshop is for you!

I'll help you transform your playing so that the top jazz musicians call you first to be their collaborator.


June 1st-3rd, 90 minutes daily via Zoom

9am PDT | 12pm EDT | 6pm CEDT

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I've built my professional career performing with some of the top jazz musicians including Jorge Rossy, Sheila Jordan, Wycliffe Gordon, Bobby Militello, Gordon Webster, and Focusyear (concerts with Wolfgang Muthspiel, Joshua Redman, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Becca Stevens, and Lionel Loueke). As a bassist, one thing above any other is the reason I get called back:

My ears.

Even if there's no sheet music and I'm unfamiliar with the tunes, I'm not worried—I can trust my ears to guide me.

Many things, especially how you learn and practice tunes, influence the strength of your ears. It wasn't always this way for me—having the freedom to hear—and most importantly, it's a skill anyone can learn. Above all, it's what will help you play even better, more-fulfilling gigs. So, let's dive in together!

In this free three-day workshop I'll share with you a roadmap for developing your ears, for adding clarity to your playing, and to becoming a first-call collaborator.

At the end of day three, you'll have my best tools for accelerating your playing.

As an educator I've built my career publishing jazz bass method books and researching pedagogy, producing video courses for Discover Double Bass, teaching a private studio (Eastman School of Music, SUNY Oswego), and studying curriculum design.

If you're feeling stuck in your playing, maybe unmotivated, or just looking to jumpstart your practice routine, I promise:

I can help you!

In this free workshop, you'll learn...

  • The “The one-pass listen” — the ultimate benchmark for your ears, and how this facilitates playing with top-call musicians
  • A routine to instantly transform your two-feels, walking, and soloing over any tune
  • A routine to help you learn and play tunes with more clarity
  • A warmup that will immediately improve your sound and time feel
  • Tools that will make you comfortable leaving the real book to collect dust

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Even with the current situation, with a lack of performance opportunities or musical feedback—you can still make exponential musical growth.

In three days you'll jumpstart your creativity, motivation, and experience what it takes to be a first-call bassist. You'll be in a group of like-minded peers in a 100% positive environment.

Sounds great, right?


June 1st-3rd 90 minutes daily

9am PDT | 12pm EDT | 6pm CEDT

More about Danny Ziemann

"The low down is that Danny Ziemann is an extremely talented bassist full of creativity, enthusiasm and the utmost respect for the tradition.”

- Larry Grenadier

Hey! I’m Danny Ziemann, a touring bassist, author, educator, and your creative coach. [I'm also an amateur latte-artist... but we can discuss that in the workshop].

I've been fortunate to play with incredible musicians including Jorge Rossy, Sheila Jordan, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Harry Allen, Gary Versace, and Bill Dobbins. As a teacher, my materials have been endorsed by the likes of John Clayton, Rufus Reid, Larry Grenadier, Steve Swallow, Marco Panascia, Kristin Korb, Nicholas Walker, Jeff Campbell, Morten Ramsbøl, Donovan Stokes, and others. I've taught loads of bassists, from beginners to top-level conservatory players and professionals.

My passion is performing and helping musicians achieve their full potential. I look forward to helping you make big strides soon!

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