Better Ears in 30 Days

Here’s the truth: having a superior ear is what sets apart the best from the rest and gets you the big gig.

That's where Better Ears in 30 Days comes in: the comprehensive resource designed specifically for the working musician. No more boring interval memorization, dusty textbooks, or tedious sight singing — just practical, effective training that you can apply immediately with results.

Whether you're preparing excerpts for that dream audition, learning tunes for your next gig, or getting ready to record your debut album in the studio, this resource is your ticket to unlocking your musical potential.

With 30 days of practice plans, supplemental audio, and an emphasis on developing practical skills, you’ll learn to transform your ears into your top competitive advantage.


**eBook/PDF Edition only**


What you'll experience with this eBook

Better Ears in 30 Days contains a personalized roadmap for completely transforming your listening skills in any musical situation. It's more than a book — it's an entire program.


With 30 days of crystal-clear practice plans, everything is laid out for you in a crystal-clear way. You're guided every step of the way, with notation provided in treble and bass clef.


Did I mention I'm a professional audio engineer too? Experience hours of high-definition supplemental audio tracks with thorough musical and verbal explanations. You'll never feel lost!


Having flashbacks to dusty textbooks, boring sight-singing, and memorizing intervals? Let's rewrite the narrative. Try composing captivating melodies and improvising exciting solos instead, using real music... not boring exercises.


With 12 years of international touring, multiple degrees in music education, and 20 years of study with the leading aural skills experts... learn from someone who knows balances the knowing and the doing.


Regardless of genre or instrument, you'll know exactly what your short- and long-term goals are — and how you can use these new skills in your unique musical situation.


There are points where I encourage you to email me your work for feedback. Don't believe me? Try it!

Ready to transform your listening skills?

See what readers have to say:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Danny has put together a course with highly effective and practical exercises that will doubtlessly help anyone seriously interested in improving their aural skills. I recommend this book and will use it for myself and my students."

NYC Jazz Saxophonist and Educator

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Better Ears in 30 Days is a remarkable resource that is guaranteed to take any musician's listening skills to the next level."

Michael Sherman
Guitarist, Business Coach

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I've been following Danny and his teaching for years, and know him to be a wealth of knowledge with a gift for teaching. Better Ears in 30 Days is a game-changer and his best resource yet. A must-have for ALL musicians!"

Casey Lipka
LA-based singer, bassist, coach

For All Skill Levels and Genres

Better Ears in 30 Days is designed for musicians of all skill levels and genres. Whether you're a beginner, seasoned pro, or just in it for the love of music, this eBook is designed to help take you to the next level of your musicianship. Just imagine the feeling of walking into any audition, recital, or recording session confident in your ability to hear and understand the music — every time.

Based On Facts and Experience

This eBook is based off of cold, hard facts. These are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim. The information is based on 23 years of practice, 20 years of study with world-renowned ear training researchers and pedagogues, and my career as both a performer and university lecturer. Cut through the clutter and trust a resource that delivers results.

A Word From The Author

“In every musical situation, my ears are the reason I repeatedly get called back for gigs. That's why I created this book — to unlock the mystery of good listening skills for all musicians. Don't get stuck in the mystery of why some get ahead and others do not. Let my 20+ years of experience fill in the gap for you.”


Why wait for Better Ears? Start now!

Why put off taking your ears to the next level? You can buy this eBook for less than the price of five lattes! Hear the results in 30 days or less — guaranteed.

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